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Fine Quality Fabrics

Startex Textile Co. is a joint stock venture company with more than twenty years of experience in the Egyptian textile industry. Startex is now standing as one of Egypt’s leading factories that produces Polyester and Cotton fabrics.
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Our vision is to achieve and then remain as the most progressive and updated textile manufacturer in Egypt.


To lead in the development, innovation, manufacture and design of textile finest materials.


- 7 Warping Machines
- 1 polyester sizing machine
- 128 set 2X1 twisting machine
- 136 water jet looms
- 63 rapier looms
- 1 Cotton sizing machine
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- 24 dyeing jet
- 6 rotary washer machine
- 2 weight reduction machine
- 3 Gigger machine
- 2 high temperature dyeing machine
- 7 over flow dyeing machine
- 1 color kitchen machine
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- 2 Flatbed printing machine
- 2 Rotary printing machine
- 1 Padding machine
- 2 Foil printing machine
- 1 Rope washing machine
- 1 Continuous open width washing machine
- 2 Steamer
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- 4 Stenter
- 1 Comfit finishing machine
- 1 Calendar machine
- 1 embossing machine
- 3 crinkle machine
- 2 Plated finishing machine
- 1 Pentair machine
- 1 Tumbler dry machine
- 1 Tumbler dry machine
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Certified – ISO

We are extremely proud to announce that we have achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification from Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) for our Quality Management System (QMS).

The Company is always dedicated to pursuing product quality, and its products are widely recognized in the domestic and overseas textile markets.   

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Our History




Startex Textile Co., founded in 1991, our goal was to establish a manufacturing company capable of producing a wide variety of textile fabrics, then further expanding in the fields of dyeing, printing and finishing.



Our first manufacturing

Our first manufacturing plant consisted of 38 weaving machines with a production capacity of 2.5 million meters per year at the time our weaving plant was specialized in weaving cotton, viscos and mixed fabrics.



Our first dyeing house

Our first dyeing house started production. Being able to introduce our own plain dyed finished fabrics successfully, gave us encouragement to plan out further expansion and look forward to printing.



Starting Export

Export department shipped its first container to Europe. Egypt’s geographic existence places us at a central trading point, which gave us the advantage of exploring the European market and further into the rest of the world.



Second Dyeing house

Second Dyeing house started production specialized in cotton dyeing & finishing.



Second rotary printer

Thankfully we have added a new secondary state of the art rotary printing machine to our printing department which now makes a total of four printing machines (two flatbed printers and two rotary printers).




We continue to enhance, upgrade and expand our factory with the latest technology and machinery available in order to remain updated in the future.
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